BigBoost S58 Full Frame Twin Turbo Kit BBT1000

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🔥 Unleash the Beast: Introducing the Ultimate S58 Full Frame Twin Turbo Kit for BMW Enthusiasts! 🚀🏁

Get ready to redefine your racing experience with our latest innovation – the S58 Full Frame Twin Turbo Kit! Elevate your BMW's performance to unprecedented levels and dominate the road like never before. 🏎️💨

🏁 Power Redefined We're thrilled to present a game-changing solution that will take your BMW's power and speed to new heights. The S58 Full Frame Twin Turbo Kit is meticulously engineered to deliver the perfect combination between quick spool times and incredible top-end power. 

🌱 Power Meets Eco-Friendliness We're thrilled to present a groundbreaking solution that allows you to enhance your vehicle's performance while maintaining its factory emission components. Our BBT1000 Turbo Kit is engineered to fit your factory downpipes and EVAP components, all this without using the small restrictive turbine housings you are forced to use in a hybrid turbo setup. You can now experience exhilarating acceleration and increased horsepower without sacrificing your commitment to cleaner air and a greener future.

💥 Precision Engineering Our team of expert engineers has poured their knowledge and passion into crafting a turbo kit that perfectly complements the BMW S58 engine. Every component is designed for precision and performance, ensuring seamless integration with your vehicle's systems, including the factory electronic wastegate system. 

🔧 Bolt-On Power We understand that not everyone has the capabilities to fabricate parts to make turbo kits fit, with this turbo kit we made sure every single fitting and bolt required for installation is included, making it a fully bolt on and reversible turbo upgrade.

🌪️ Key Features:

  • Full Frame Twin Turbos: Enjoy Full Frame turbo kit benefits, keep your factory turbos, full new hardware included, modular frame makes swapping turbos for larger or smaller once needed based on your application a breeze!
  • Optimized Airflow: Every aspect of our kit is optimized for airflow efficiency, ensuring that your engine breathes effortlessly and performs at its peak, reducing back pressure ratios significantly compared to a stock frame turbo setup. 
  • Increased Efficiency and Safety: From a tuners and engineer perspective, lowering back pressure ratios increases exhaust manifold mass flow, hence reducing significantly cylinder pressures and temperatures, which allow for a much safer running engine!
  • Built to Last: Crafted from top-tier materials featuring our widely proven iron alloy for the exhaust manifold casting, the S58 Full Frame Twin Turbo Kit is built to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving while ensuring durability and reliability!
  • Turbo Kit Parts Limited 5 year Warranty: We are so confident in our products we will warranty manifolds and castings* for up to 5 years!

* Only Cast Manifolds and pipes are covered by the 5 year warranty, all other components will be subject to supplier warranty policy.

🌐 Join the Performance Revolution Be at the forefront of automotive innovation. Embrace the power, precision, and prestige that come with the S58 Full Frame Twin Turbo Kit and show the world what your BMW is truly capable of.


Our Kit Includes: 

  • Front Bank 1 Turbo Manifold
  • Rear Bank 2 Turbo Manifold
  • Bank 1 Turbocharger Assembly
  • Bank 2 Turbocharger Assembly
  • Electronic wastegate adapter plates
  • Downpipe Adapters
  • Front turbo intake pipe
  • Rear Turbo Intake Pipe
  • Front turbo boost pipe
  • Rear turbo boost pipe
  • 2x Oil Feed Adapter Fittings
  • 2x Oil Feed Restrictors
  • Front Turbo Oil Feed line
  • Rear Turbo Oil Feed Line
  • -6 AN Front turbo Coolant Lines
  • - Banjo Fittings for Rear turbo Coolant Lines
  • Silicone Coolant Lines
  • Oetiker Coolant Line Hose Clamps
  • 5 Ply Reinforced SIlicone Oil Drain Line for rear turbo
  • Rear Oil Drain Heat Shield
  • Front turbo oil drain silicone hose
  • Oetiker Oil Drain Hose Clamps
  • INCOLTURBO fastener set 

🔥 Unleash the Power. Ignite the Passion. Become Part of the BigBoost Family Today! 🚗💨

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