BigBoost Stage 3 Fiesta ST Turbo kit

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BigBoost is proud to serve the Fiesta ST community with its new BigBoost Stage 3 Turbo kit. 

This is a state of the art turbo kit utilizing a fully custom design turbocharger unit, featuring a 48mm Ultra High Flow turbine wheel featuring 9 extended length blades.

The Compressor Wheel is a 9 blade non-stepped 49mm which has been gas-stand tested to flow up to 50 lb/min which translates to approximately 500 WHP of flow capacity.

This is not a standard hybrid turbo, it is a full frame turbo kit which will out perform any hybrid turbo option currently available.

THERE IS NOT A SINGLE CHINESE PART ON THIS KIT! Everything is manufactured and assembled in house! From casting, machining, welding, bending, etc. This guarantees the best quality on the parts shipped to our customers!

What this kit includes:

BigBoost MPR 49mm Turbocharger

High Spring Rate adjustable Wastegate Actuator (15-20 PSI pressure range)

Oil feed engine block adapter

Oil feed -4AN stainless steel braided line

Oil feed turbo restrictor

Oil drain spacer 

Oil drain gaskets

Oil drain bolts

M14 to -6AN Coolant fittings

-6AN 90 degree coolant swivel fittings

Reinforced Silicone Coolant Lines with Anodized hose menders

Oetiker factory style hose clamps

New Turbo Manifold Hardened studs

Turbo Anti-Loose lock nuts

Intake Elbow

5-ply Silicone Couplers

2.25" aluminum boost pipe


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